***Prophesy Fulfilled: German to be MAJOR INVESTOR in Kenya***

While in the western region of the nation of Kenya in November 2015 prophetic word was released that Germany would begin industrialization and investment in Kenya on a massive scale. Saw Germany becoming prime partner and rivaling UK/Britain [Kenya’a former colonial master] as chief investor and trade partner with the Republic of Kenya. Some of this prophesy recorded on video .
Click on link to view video from Nov 2015.
Article 1
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Article 2



In the “2016 Prophetic Words & Beyond[scroll down]” that we published January 2016…..the top section reads “USA Elections” and God has us prophesy the GOP would try to cheat its front-running candidate [who we now know is Trump] out of nomination.  Read article from 6/9/16.



*** Prophetic Word to Pray for South Africa’s Next President***[4/1916]                            South Africa

The Word the of Lord came to me saying, “None of the people declaring they will run for next presidential office is My choice. The man I have chosen has not come forward yet. I’m wrestling with his heart. He is fearful and uncertain but I have already called and anointed him.” I saw a very humble man with glasses, great administrator, no scandals, he was sitting at a desk trembling as He was praying to God about running for president of South Africa.”

***UPDATE  – Prophetic words released on 1/3/16 being fulfilled [3/21/16]**Prophesy fulfilled that HEAD of small African nation would be at ICC on trial. ON JANUARY 28th the Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo became the first former head of state to go on trial before the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. Next election cycle you will see UN in control of the process.Read article hereICC


Protesters quickly silenced by authorities in Chicago prophesied on 1/3/16

Read article hereriots 

This article published on January 3rd we saw British Destroyer program coming to “STANDSTILL” . Article talks about “break downs, loss of power, issues “not normal”, needing new engines already, and “total electrical failures common” for the British Destroyer Type 45. Read the article and then our prophesy below. The NEXT thing will be budget and cost overruns.

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As prophesied Brazil’s position in BRICS banking system weakens and talks of pull out! Won’t happen just yet!

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January this year prophesied a plan we saw 2 ways to try and CHEAT Trump from winning GOP spot based on technicalities. This is one way exposed by Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh Suspects If GOP Denies Trump or Cruz, Jeb Will Be Handed the Nomination


***2016 Prophetic Visions & Beyond by [Apostle Demontae Edmonds, VA, USA 2016]***
POTUS_Photo - Copy
USA ELECTIONS. I heard the word “INTRIGUE” in regards to the elections. Saw elite power forces working behind the scene trying to undermine leading Republican candidate to displace him and put their “on” person in preeminent position. Saw they would do this through “technicalities” to try to “disqualify” the front-running candidate. Those were the exact words I saw and heard. Then I saw Al Gore and Bush Jr. and said “Why these men God?” God put into my spirit how Gore won the POPULAR VOTE but lost due to few electoral college votes causing great consternation. There would be some trickery with the electoral college votes in the main election.
USA. I saw lines of people at the ATM shaking their heads, angry, and confused. Their was an “EMERGENCY BANK HOLIDAY”. People’s accounts were frozen temporarily. There was a day no one could withdraw money then the next day were “limits”. I saw the nation’s leader on television explaining away the issue saying the administration wanted to prevent and avoid this and was very sorrowful but tough decisions had to be made due to economic crisis. The words “Financial Crisis” and “Economic Crisis” keep replaying in my spirit. This caused great distrust of the government and banks.
Immediately I saw a group in Chicago calling for reform and trying to instigate protest but they were quickly silenced by local authorities. Saw again this city coming under judgmnet for corruption, human trafficking, and innocent blood shed. Saw the city having financial issues [similar but not as deep as Detroit] and the elements/weather.
God showed me a family of believers standing in front of a new big home. Even in the midst of financial woes many will experience many believers who have been faithful and in lack past years will experience a Goshen season of recovery, restoration, and increase.
NIGERIA. I read in the spirit “Cult NABBED in Anambra State”. Then I was taken into city of Onitsha and saw group found with coven, bones, body parts, and remains of corpses arrested by police. Then I saw small churches in this region who could not break through or grow turn into larger ministries overnight as the principality over this region was exposed and demolished; and the sign was this occult power group being “NABBED”
GLOBAL Political tensions internal to Brazil caused talks of them leaving BRICS system. Then I saw South Africa. Jacob Zuma face and saw Russia and China chastening it for corruption and mismanagement. This nation put on a probationary period to “fix” some issues before fully integrating into the BRICS system. I saw China upset with South Africa over some decisions made there.
UNITED KINGDOM. In the spirit I read “Budget causes Defense Spending Cuts”. Then I saw submarines and destroyers sitting at a standstill. No one working on them or using them. Saw a speaker in a Navy blue blazer asking for more weaponry and better modernization for UK’s military to no avail. Then saw “Threat of Terror”. There were threats like the Paris attack from extremist Islamic group but even in midst of this there were budget cuts to the military.
NEW YORK. In the spirit I heard a city official say “We have made New York one of the safest cities in America and in the world”. Immediately 1 Thess 5:3 dropped in my spirit, “When they shall say peace and safety than sudden destruction shall come”. I didnt see destruction on the entire city but saw almost immediately [days] after this comment an attack that took place causing fear and grief in the city.
AFRICA. I saw the leader of smaller nation [10 mil etc] sitting down being questioned at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. He was accused of war crimes for past and more recent actions. He appeared angry and hostile. Outside forces step into his nation to observe and help organize elections. In West Africa I then saw leader of small nation [<3 million] on the west coast publicly shamed and humiliated for THIEVERY and abusing public funds. Saw a documentary done with extravagant purchases and conspicuous consumption done by this leader. This would stir indignation and revolt within the nation.
USA. Saw new political figure [man] arise. He was very vocal and had lot of media coverage. He was not anyone running for presidential office in either party now. For some reason each vision he had microphones in his face and cameras. God showing me for some reason (but for no apparent reason) he will have unusual media coverage when he speaks up and popular with the common.
GLOBAL. I saw 3 men stand up. Then I heard “more nations ignoring United States desires and United Nations resolutions”. God said it will be PUBLIC. Leaders of these nations saying they don’t care what USA desires and complaining of the ineffectiveness of the United Nations. God said the thing is it will be said and done PUBLICLY. Even among former allies. I looked in the spirit and saw inside the United Nations and there were talks to slowly dismantle it and build a NEW and GREATER organization restructured with a new face and new model and involving a United Religion. To merge world politics and world religion. The Pope’s face appeared and disappeared [my guess to signify his behind the scenes involvement in this agenda]
MIDDLE EAST . Israel has had small skirmishes but next bigger strike at it will come from Syria is what i saw. It was quickly eradicated and stamped out. After this Sunni & Shiite fighting among one another escalated as attention turned away from Israel. Nations here that once fought proxy battles indirectly will be more direct in their physical actions and verbal criticism of their opponents. [Shiite vs Sunni].
CHURCH. The Lord says “There was once a separation of Church and State but now there will be a separation of Church and Church”. God shows me a greater divide between the church purusing Him and those who are pursuing commercialism / fame/ wealth and then those who have stopped their progress due to traditions of men and dead religion. I saw God bringing a greater unity in major cities with ministries but it was not everyone united. It was the “chosen Church” or the “remnant” groups who begin to unite, fast, pray, and propagate present truth and sound doctrine. The remainder of the “Church” were virtually in the dark to what God was really saying and speaking. They just continued business as usual. Financial woes, national uncertainty, and disappointment caused a great exodus from many of these churches to places where there was “true spiritual light”. Greater delivernaces and miracles taken place but the religious-traditional systems more and more void of these happenings while I saw them happening right next door at smaller less known churches. Then saw the power of God begin to flow in a new wave of glory and new measure.
OBAMA! OBAMA! Dec 2012 prophesied Obama’s PURSUIT AFTER PRESIDENT….published in note on facebook & our website 1/4/2013….now this article just sent to us he is pursuing United Nations secretariat after presidency AS PROPHESIED….should I share whats next?! May get scary but God’s glory arising in the midst of darkness. God showed me years ago if he moves into this position it will mean decrease of USA global power in exchange for more UN influence, greater pressure on Israel to make concession with Palestine, and major shocks in the US and European currency/economic markets.
Obama seeking United Nations Secretary General position.…/report-obama-wants-become-un-se…
Prophesy I received for President Barack Obama that we published on our website .
Released 12/18/12.
“The Word of the Lord came to me concerning President Obama saying, “He shall not be the first or the last presidents. Neither like Washington nor like Bush Jr. For he shall begin to branch out and remove the flag of the USA from around his body. The spirit of nationalism shall leave him and he shall begin to see himself as a champion in international affairs.” I saw in the spirit Obama standing on a high podium and the UN Flag was behind him. There was a position created for him to full working with the United Nations. It gave him a voice and authority but he was not traditionally governed by the UN like secretary generals have been. I then saw him at an European Commission meeting. He was North America’s main representative to this body of officials and was asked to give a speech on US-European relations and new trade and economic agreements. Then I heard “he shall convene a meeting in Span of many leaders”. He was then in Spain speaking to powerful leaders of nations. This was a key meeting for restructuring of international affairs. There were more than a dozen older white gentleman behind him on stage nodding in agreement and listening attentively to his speech.”
(Interpretation: Obama would not disappear off the scenes and “retire” from politics like George Bush Jr. He would not be like George Washington in regards to…. “Washington’s public political [farewell] address warned against foreign influence in domestic affairs and American meddling in European affairs.” He would continue to try to push agendas and initiatives as an international activists/reformer instead of adhering to a nationalist mindset.
FYI – We support neither party or man made agendas. This is what was spoken and recorded.
Published 1/4/13 on facebook as note;



North Korea says it has long range missiles that pose a threat to the USA but I hear the Lord saying “SYSTEMS FAILURE. Your missles shall surely not prevail or function properly. Even the angels of God have corrupted the engineering; They will fail in flight even as being tested. They will go up but not go down properly…..I see scientist and engineers scratching their heads and baffled on WHY their weapons systems are not functioning properly. Even the Spirit of God shall frustrate their plans and purposes with these missiles. But I see by way of the Spirit  MISSILES OF PRAYER from South Korea, China, and abroad tearing down demonic walls built up by demonic princes and powers. For the demonic bubbles and demonic walls that have been built up shall come down for a season and the GOSPEL WILL FLOW INTO NORTH KOREA. I see South Koreans, Chinese, and Pacific Islanders being the main propagators of this missionary movement in the land. It will happen hard, fast, and almost suddenly. It will be ALLOWED and LEGAL to share the Good News of Jesus. For I hear even now it will take three season  for the demonic powers over the land to recoup and rebuild their strongholds of darkness to shut out the Gospel. By then the Gospel would already have taken root. and the persecuted church will move from missionary mindset to apostolic power with signs, wonders, and mighty deeds!”

This is what we have been prophesied in other words since 2011.

(2011 Prophesy Over North Korea)

“The two Koreas (North & South) shall experience further separation and tensions between brothers (themselves)….but there shall be a reversal and a shifting. i see an invisible wall & barrier that has for a long time been standing up diving the two…but that wall shall come down in the spirit. I see those from Northern Korea running south and those from South Korea running north. It shall be like when the Berlin wall fell. Many of the walls of segregation, separation, & propaganda shall fall. The two brothers will reconcile for three seasons. The will of the people and the prayers of the saints in the South shall prevail over propaganda, political agendas, and the pride of men. The door for the Gospel will be opened to the North. many days after conflicts and tensions shall arise between the two. The north shall be pulled into a very costly and violet war by outside forces influencing its global perspective.”


Someone read our page and sent me articles of international prophesies that we published coming to past. GERMANY working economically with China and arms/weaponry with Japan/India. Prophesy published 6/14/13 … 2.5 years ago!!! God spoke in this season there will be MORE UNLIKELY ALLIANCES. Many counterproductive to US interest and Kingdom of God interest. We must pray for our leaders, and also over world leaders that they follow God’s Spirit in geopolitical decision making.


ARTICLE 1 Germany “…seeks deeper economic ties with Germany”…

 ARTICLE 2 “Will India purchase German Stealth Submarines?”…
ARTICLE 3 “Stronger bi-lateral defense cooperation” between Germany & India…
ARTICLE 4 “German Arms Firms Seek Cooperation with India”…
Article 5 “Time to Re-Arm Germany and Japan”…
Article 6 “ China and Germany Agree…..[on Syria]”…

Shown to Apostle Edmonds 12/22/14 in long night vision. This word was conveyed to several high ranking church leaders in Nigeria and also public media figures before the elections. Apostle was interviewed on Premier Radio Station in regards to this word coming to pass very accurate.

“I hear the Lord saying, “Oh Nigeria you are in the season of Jehoshaphat. In the VALLEY of DECISION.”  2015 will be a year of key decisions being made that will affect the totality of the nation and have direct and massive impact on the next 6 – 8 years of the nation. God shows me this is a KEY time for the government, for the nation, and for the Church.

For the Government I hear God saying. I’m causing the minds of men to expand outside of the box. For I raise up leaders that will not look to old models of men. Not to the models of the West or to broken socialist regimes; but I will show and instruct them how to restructure and reorganize the government. For there are many strong leaders but I’m calling for strong institutions in the land. The cries of INJUSTICE have reached my ears and there is coming new proposal to revamp the judicial system. Even to bring the north and south into more of a unity with due process and the administration of procedurals for judicial action.
The Lord says,  I have somewhat against you. You speak one thing and do another. You promote those who promote themselves and keep underfoot those that would truly help the poor, broken, needy, and oppressed. I’m coming soon to remove your lampstand. Even as the nation of Israel was broken under the son of David; so shall I break up the PDP and a new grass roots movement will be birthed out of its ashes. The new thing springing forth will have more popularity and support for the “people”… the “common” men and women than either the PDP or APC. You will even hear of ill-gotten wealth of a major PDP card member / leader being confiscated through judicial actions under this next administration.
President Goodluck the Lord says to you; Your heart is in one place and your mind in another; confusion has come like a cloud; there are counselors about you who have been lifted up in pride; they speak counsel but if you fail they will flee from you; Hear the word of the Lord; God says surely you have swayed upon two opinions in 2014. To run or not to run [for re-election], The Lord says if you were to win in 2015 surely there shall break out that which is even worse than Boko upon the land. Even from your own support base or that which seemed like supporters there will be a civil crisis like Biafra but it will not be about ceding from the nation but about destroying what many see as a corrupted election and executive branch. It will not be PDP vs APC or North vs South but about those who are disillusioned and disenfranchised. I see tanks in the south east and tanks in central region. Your opponents will secretly and some openly back this rebellion if you shall win. The lives Boko has taken in one year will be taken in month needlessly says the Lord. God says to spare the nation this trouble. Goodluck God says choose this day whom thou shall serve. Why doeth thou linger between two opinions? Why doeth thou linger between two gods? Why does thou seek counsel from those who are not gods? I speak quietly and in stillness to your heart when you alone; but you allow the counsel of those around you to move you away from what I deposit into your heart. Why seek unto wizards and traditionalist who peep and mutter? Why consult oracles and idols and not the living God; You must choose this day whom you will fully serve. Put away from you those who would counsel you by oracles and false spirits; for their wisdom will bring destruction. Watch as sudden sickness falls upon one of your innermost advisors who has been initiated into that which is secret and has tried to bring you into that secret circle; for I will judge the harlotries and witchcraft of this “great” man near you; the blood sacrificed to maintain his prosperity and influence will come back upon him in 2015. There are those surrounding him that are preparing to suspend selections and go to war if Goodluck does not maintain his position. I see this will cause at least six years of unresolved conflict and chaos.
God says, “the rod and scepter of government is moving to the north. Those who are called by Name in the South and who profess me with their lips have not walked by My precepts and standards to the degree that I have called. Have I not said in My Word that I love those that execute judgment and righteousness? A false scale I hate and riches gotten by deceit shall vanish away. I have seen and I’ve heard the cries of those that are poor and destitute. Those who seek word and there is none. Those who seek food and its lacking. Those who need shelter and are unprotected. Do I not look upon the heart of men and not their stature? Even as I moved upon Cyrus and called him my anointed so shall I greatly use those who are not called by My Name or “believers” but who will execute my will and justice in the Earth. I do not approve the men but I approve their works. Watch as I raise up power centers and leaders of influence in the northern regions who will quickly and swiftly even without prejudice to tribalism or religious affiliations bring forth justice, bring forth relief, bring forth institutions that will bring higher quality of life to my people in the land. I will give them 5 years before I judge their actions and keep or remove their lampstand. I see a strong woman wealth coming into a gubernatorial or senatorial type role of power in the south in 2015.
To XXXX God says, “Behold my servant who I have set in position of power and righteousness. I have placed my mantle of leadership and rod of apostolic influence in his hand. For God says, “I have given you favor with the south, I have given you great influence with the PDP and current administration but FEAR NOT a change of regime. Fear not even Muslims in rule; for even as my servant Daniel was wise counsellor and chief governor under rule of a multiplicity of rulers and governments (Babylon, Persia); so shall your position be secured. I have set you like Eliakim son of Hilkiah as a sure peg and sure tent in the house of all of Nigeria. For even in this season I show you a mystery. God says fast 7 days and shut in 7 days and he will enlarge and expand your vision not just for Nigeria but for THE WHOLE OF AFRICA. God says when you shall see the vision of the satellites linked together you shall understand the greater vision and purpose I have called you to….not just for your nation or generation but for the massive harvest of evangelism souls and wining new disciples to the Gospel; for I give you a vision to cast a net across all of Africa……and it will be a vision involving at least 7 other major leaders in 7 other nations……it will be a vision for this generation and the next to come. Seek me for this new season and new apostolic-evangelist mandate to come upon your life says your Father the Lord whom has known your love and heard your prayers now and in times of old.
I see in the realm of the spirit a natural disaster in the southern regions that will cause APC-PDP & Islamics/Christians to pull together to help this region. This disaster shall involve large masses of water;  Property will be lossed and damaged and few lives lost; but I see God using what the enemy meant for harm to BRING TOGETHER parties that were once bitter and warring with one another. I see this being on the front page of news papers and news media. You will see major leaders putting down the axe and differences to come together for this; it will open up private talks that will be for the betterment of the nations. God says that He shall even unfold a new and better way to refine and process oil coming out of the nation. This “understanding” will not come from Britian, the Americas, or Europe but from Nigerian petro-chemical engineering experts. It will improve efficiency in processing sweet crude oil. God says Oh Nigeria do not involved yourself in any foreign incursions or wars in 2015; it will be fruitless and unpopular.
Over the churches God says this is a hour of putting to the test what you have been taught and instructed. Shall I not remove those in area? Think it not strange when a major leader in the second tier (?) of my Church structure in Nigeria is exposed for obtaining success through greed and demonic blood covenants with those that look to idols. I see a major month coming where there will be talks of breaking up CAN and returning to the former structure of separate denominations working alone. This cannot be for even through CAN God does to have one mind and one voice with His Bride speaking into the high places. Factions within and without will try to point fingers and usurp power; they will be put down by prayer.  The enemy’s plan to divide CAN into three separate divided entities shall come to nought by fasting and prayer.
Niger Delta region your time of crisis and conflict can be avoided. The churches there must pray 40 days to avert war and oil pipelines supplying the nation from being demolished by rebels. Rivers I see the terror plots hatching. You must pray they are foiled. Even now I see those who have read of bombings of the north and think they are far away. You will see the same unless your pastors repent of their works of idolatry and unite for My purposes. Amaechi speak to me ; not to men and I will fight battles for you with the words of My mouth. Akwa Ibom time of in-fighting at the gubernatorial and senate level is upon you; It will be those who sow lies and confusion to replace the leadership voted in rightfully; they will say “impeach, impeach, remove, remove” from office ; your trial is at hand. Cross Rivers you have enjoyed relative peace, prosperity, and quiet; you will be tested in this hour; I will cause you to seek me greater than before that you will not be like the Laodiceans. Edo state I speak to your leaders to remove from their counsel those who star gaze, those who look to the live, those who divine by demonic oracles. That which you think will free you and bring prosperity will place you in bondage. Repent of these works. Ogun state many local government areas will have instability. You will have to look to the federal government for help to put down armed criminals. Yobe you will find your prayers to Allah not breaking through; you must look to me. Woe after woe comes upon you; even in Jan, Feb, March many ill reports; Fear shall set in but many shall flee to the south and be saved. Plateau I’m causing you to arise with new influence and to raise up new leader to speak forth. Your government house(s) in Jos will be shaken … think it not strange; I’m bringing forth a new leadership here. Abuja there will be those who speak of temporarily moving the men in power away from you for fear of safety concerns. This shall not be in this season.

Prophetic word God gave me 3/9/13 that I released to several leaders in ministry over the great nation of Kenya

This morning God had me praying for Kenya. Especially the metro-Nairobi & Mombasa areas. I will share with you the prophetic word/vision God gave me for your homeland. God says that three larger ministries will SHUT DOWN. There were 3 ministries I saw quick flashes of & they have a larger attendance (few hundred to 1000+)….God has judged them unworthy of His Son’s name they will almost suddenly without warning diminish & shut down. God says that the leaders do not have a heart for the hurting,lost, or broken…that they exploit those who are already poor & holding on to hope for their own gain & carnal pleasures. They indulge in extra marital affairs with multiple women within their congregations. THEY ARE WOLVES IN PASTORS CLOTHING….They throw around the title “man of God” but follow their own desires, belly, & ambition.

I saw one church & it was the largest of the three; I only could see a quick flash but it looked to be built inside of a structure like a huge gymnasium. (This part of the word for Nairobi metro area). When these “false ministries” close….God will send the flock to leaders he is raising up and already prepared to shepard the flock and have his heart; I see several large legitimate churches having to plant more smaller branch churches.

I prayed for Kangemi & God told me to speak over the water systems. Something will take place with the water supply here but the government will give the area preferential treatment and build a cleaner better water supply system. It was almost as if other areas felt cheated or jealous.

Lastly, as I was praying over Mombasa. I saw a headline of a news article. One word was highlighted “THWARTED”…. God is about to cause the plans of Islamic extremist & insurgents in this region in/around Mombasa to be THWARTED; and as a sign of there weakening they will be exposed & the news headline will have the word “THWARTED” in the title……it will be a series of close or near plots that God will cause the military/government to thwart & counter before they have any success.

NEWS Article1

NEWS Article 2                                                                            


 ***DRONE TRANCE-VISION [2007] ***

This is a “different” type of prophesy but I believe that God felt relevant for me to share.Recently, my wife had a dream that confirmed and corresponded with an experience that I had seven years ago. Seven years ago I was upstairs praying in my home in the middle of the night. I cannot remember what I was praying for but in the midst of praying…I fell into what the Bible calls a trance. This wasn’t just a vision but a trance experience. Many hear the word trance and it sounds “spooky to them” but its found all throughout the Bible.The Apostle Peter fell into a trance (Acts 10:10) while praying in Joppa The Apostle Paul fell into a trance (Acts 22:17) and received revelation while praying in Jerusalem.

In the trance vision God begin to show me something that was totally unrelated to what I was praying about. First, I saw books open. These books contained mathematical formulas and understanding. I sensed by the spirit that higher understanding of mathematics and physics were being opened up in the Earth. Then the vision shifted to a regular “sleepy” suburban neighborhood. It looked to be 2 or 3am and no one was on the street. Houses lined the streets. Only street lights and the moon illuminated the night. Suddenly, an aircraft vehicle flew right into the neighborhood. It was way larger than a a model plane but smaller than a single engine aircraft. The weird thing about this aircraft was that it begin to hover and move around slowly like you would expect from an UFO…but it looked more like a traditional airplane…it was not saucer shaped. The aircraft begin to move IN BETWEEN THE HOUSES….there were three things

that stood out to me.

1- The aircraft could hover and move a few feet slowly…versus “traditional flying”

2- It could move side to side….WITHOUT TURNING!!! It did not have to turn its nose or move at an angle. It could just move to the side.

3- It was absolutely SILENT!!!!!!!!! no sounds, no humming, very low to NO NOISE!The aircraft went forward and side to side between several houses. It was SOOOO QUIET that no one was awaken and no one was even aware that it was there. I knew in my spirit that this aircraft was being undergoing a live field test. Then it arose 30 or 40 feet in the air with no visible thrust or propulsion and then suddenly as it appeared it just took off at a very high speed and disappeared into the night.

I only shared this vision with a few people and to be honest I was confused to why God

showed me this because it had nothing to do with what I was praying about. Over the last three years there has been increased publicity of drones such as the Predator Drone that armed forces and governments use for surveillance, reconnaissance, and other information gathering. This unmanned aerial vehicles do not currently have the capabilities that I saw in the vision but SOON they will be operating at this level. It will be in a time of INCREASED SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY AND ACCELERATION IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD….but also a time of uncertain social climate due to economic hardships.

Last week God gave my wife a dream almost identical to my trance vision…but the big difference was that the drones were being used to look for Christians who had upset government authorities from preaching the Gospel. She recounted the SAME EXACT dimensions of the aircraft and SAME EXACT flying functionalities that defied the laws of modern aerodynamics.

When these are produced or rather publicly revealed let it be for a Sign and Wonder in the Earth of God increasing His Hand of judgment, salvations, deliverances, miracles, and supernatural happenings to give evidence to the living Christ.





February 27, 2014 at 8:55am

Sharing a prophetic word that I released to Prophetess Phyllis Ford Ministries on 9/25/13 & to Unveiled Purpose Magazine on 1/16/14.

“I saw a line in the spirit dividing TX into two. This was not a physical or geographical division…it was a dividing of spiritual territory. The state was divided into East and West. I sense that the Eastern half of the state will experience a refreshing of the Lord. Several key cities will have large ministries and evangelistic outreach centers raised up. Many will seem to “pop up” overnight. I see a tornado/storm trying to hit the eastern half of the State…sent by the enemy but it will not prevail.  Also, God is going to prosper the saints here through real estate investments, property deals, and asset transfers.   The Western half of the state I see under a different principality and spiritual region in itself. Several areas will experience some economic hardships and more in particular joblessness. This will cause frustration that will reach up to the state government level.  I see the Hispanic community being instrumental in pushing and implementing many positive changes. One from their own ranks will arise to be in a gubernatorial role.”




Friends I’m sharing the word of the Lord God gave me Saturday 7/14/13 @ noon time.

I see bright lights shining forth from Germany. From Germany shall go forth the Word of the Lord. It shall not be in the days of old where there were only one or two types of ministries. But I hear God saying, “I’m sending the rain…the former & latter rain where there shall be a diversity of ministries arising in the land. For the teaching ministry shall spring forth, the prophetic ministry shall spring forth, the apostolic, and evangelism. There will be more of a fullness of the expression of my Word & Spirit in the days to come. I will begin to give them pastors after my own heart that will teach, instruct, and enhance believers in the Word & faith.” For I see Germany being a nexus of for ministry to Western Europe. What England did not embrace in the Spirit …Germany will embrace & run with it. Several large mega ministries shall grow from nothing. It will appear they have arisen overnight from the dust! I say by the Spirit. I see several mega-churches…mega-ministries that will have influence & impact on society there.

God shows me a Christian television station being born. Like out of a mother’s womb and He says that it will cover the whole of Germany…it will cover the whole of Europe. It will broadcast into parts of Africa & Asia. This is one that is not yet on the scene but shortly shall be. It will have major impact to spread the Gospel with a new sound, a new voice, for many shall flock to Germany but also many shall flock FROM Germany… to evangelize other lands. For God says he has called her to be one to send out missionaries, send out evangelist, send out prophetis, send out those that will burn with the fervor of God. Several of these ministries will have reknown in the nations they are sent to. For God says that I will even send investors into Germany to finance the move, to finance the harvest, to finance the infrastrastructure, to help prepare the way even as John the Baptist did for my son Jesus.

There will be those large ministries from the USA that will invest time, money, resources, & energy into seeing Germany built as a rampart for the Gospel. God showed me three of these ministries. One from Virginia Beach. One from Atlanta. One from Texas. And as they are obedient in this endeavor…they shall even see millions of dollars trickle back into their own ministries. But God says I’ve not only called investors in the Spirit but those in other lands to strengthen the economy. For it will be needed in the days to come. Germany’s economic situation will increase favorably God says. When neighboring nations around it will weaken the world will see German’s economy strengthen/increase/surpass the current market situations. For China shall come & invest in construction,invest in technology, invest in Germany’s bond system. It will be noticeable…it will be large. Many in politics shall fear and say, “Has Germany gotten into bed with China. Are they in league together?” They wil have two separate ideological agendas & stances but will find common ground in regards to monetary gain. They will receive investments from China but still find a way to work with Japan in arms agreements. Even watch India. I see by way of the Spirit military arms deals. I hear “production” there will be joint agreements for production of arms, and military equipment. New technology for aircraft and naval vessels. The two will work together in the science and cost share of it…the production that is.

Where Germany sat in the background it will now being to arise on the world scene and have more say so in European affairs. Have more of a place in world affairs. That which Hitler and the principalities behind him meant for evil…there shall be a reversal of Germany’s past bad mark. I even see a vision of Germany standing behind Israel propping it up. There shall be a brief falling out of sorts but then a new informal agreement / alliance between the two. New cooperation. New support. I see even those youth who are a counter-culture…into Neo-Nazism…into occultism…into rebellion shall see a sweeping move of God in the land for God says even as the Jesus People Movement swept through the US and MANY youth were washed in the blood of the Lamb and removed from the counter-culture of hippie Woodstock so shall it be in Germany. For I will raise up a counter to counter the counter culture and it shall be by the youth having encounters with my Spirit says the Lord.




                                                                           June 3, 2013 at 10:31am

I debated sharing this revelation but felt this morning the release of the Lord. A few days ago (May 30) I was praying and felt, sensed, & heard the presence of an angel walk into my prayer room while I was speaking to God. I did not see the angel and he didn’t say a word to me but I felt the presence of a male like figure (angelic) standing to my right. I defocused on this and continued to talk to Jesus. The rest of God came upon me & I could no longer pray. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to go to sleep and he would speak to me in the night hours by this angel that was present. (These type occurrences are not unusual for me so it wasn’t spooky or a big deal).

In the middle of the night I had a night vision where the angel had on a brown outfit. No wings, no halo, none of that. He told me that he was an angel and asked if I wanted to know about crimes in different cities. He begin to talk about how crimes/corruptions/sins in cities reach heaven (Jonah 1:2) and pulled out a parchment out of his pocket with 10 Cities who were under review of heaven for warning. That possible judgment was near and to pray for mercy & repentance in those places.   The specific crimes of abduction & sex trafficking were held to be capital offenses against Heaven. Those were the only specific crimes the angel mentioned.

The scene shifted & the parchment was blown up 10x the size so I could see it. The first thing that surprised me was that New York City was not #1 on the list. It was #6. The #1 city was Chicago. I read it and re-read it. Detroit was #3. UNFORTUNATELY Norfolk, Virginia was on the list. This saddened me and shocked me. Not all the cities were major cities. Toledo, OH was #5.

I spoke to the angel that I was surprised that NY City was not #1 & that Chicago was. He then gave me a vision within the vision (hard to explain) of FLOOD WATERS traveling through the city. There was a large flood that had overtaken a portion of the city. It seemed to be on the outskirts (not sure) but the waters were 4 to 6 ft high (my guess). and moving violently like a rushing river. A ton of damage was done to the roads, property, and even lives lost.

This particular part of the experience grieved me the most because I had already saw in a vision tremors/small earthquake hit Chicago.

I sent out the dream to some within our prophetic/intercessory circle in the AM.  One of them (Alana N. Brown) responded via email with the below.

“I had a dream about Chicago three weeks ago. I don’t remember much of it, except it looked soggy and extremely dirty. The sky was overcast. The only thing I can visually remember is seeing like a storefront where people were inside, but no one wanted to come out because they were afraid of crime, etc. But when I walked to the place the ground was water-logged. My foot would sink through and it smelled HORRIBLE.”

– Alana N. Brown (Alexandria, VA)




Poland has grieved God and His Spirit of Grace…and thus hindered peace and prosperity within its borders. It shall undergo economic crisis and hardship. A brief famine will be experienced here and labor strikes in many parts of the country. Even the European Union shall be baffled on how to revive the economic and political system of this land after two failed attempts. Only the most destitute that humble themselves & call on God shall be saved in this hour.




The two Koreas (North & South) shall experience further separation and tensions between brothers (themselves)….but there shall be a reversal and a shifting. i see an invisible wall & barrier that has for a long time been standing up diving the two…but that wall shall come down in the spirit. I see those from Northern Korea running south and those from South Korea running north. It shall be like when the Berlin wall fell. Many of the walls of segregation, separation, & propaganda shall fall. The two brothers will reconcile for three seasons. The will of the people and the prayers of the saints in the South shall prevail over propaganda, political agendas, and the pride of men. The door for the Gospel will be opened to the North. many days after conflicts and tensions shall arise between the two. The north shall be pulled into a very costly and violet war by outside forces influencing its global perspective.



I heard God say, “Spain will turn gold”…When the bottom falls out economically Spain will begin to convert to a new quasi-gold standard. Gold reserves and excess commodities in reserves will help hedge this nations economic against global economic woes that shall shortly come upon the whole world. Unfortunately, public dissension and unrest will cause the government to tighten it reigns on freedom of press & speech. New laws will be instituted to curtail protesters and those in disagreement with government policy…police measures will be taken to quiet the voices of those speaking out and forming protest groups. I see police in the streets of Barcelona guarding the city centers from public unrest.  The southern region of Spain shall experience a Christian renewal of sorts. The Holy Spirit is desiring to pour Himself out in a great way and reveal Himself through supernatural signs and the gifts the Spirit.






The youth will rise up and say, “We shall not serve under the system of our fathers.” The youth will begin to be galvanized into a new voice of unity crying out for reform and change. They shall not lift up arms but they shall lift up their arms and begin to cry out against the social injustices in the land. They will not be stifled. They will not be censored. I will give them favor with the houses of media. I will give them a new voice in the land. For there will be a new day of justice and democracy in the Ukraine. This new thing I’m doing in the land in the natural and in the spirit will be centered around the youth who have been disgruntle and dissatisfied My Spirit is preparing the capital places  for such a moving of My Spirit it will shake regions of this nation and tens of thousands shall come to know my Son Jesus. .








A land that has sat in much darkness shall see new light. New metropolitan areas and major cities shall arise out of wasted lands. Places previously underdeveloped will experience major economic and agricultural breakthroughs. Many will say, “where did these great cities arise from? from the dust?”  Cities will be illuminated with new life and new infrastructures arising…symbolizing the new power centers that will arise out of Nigeria. For out of Nigeria shall arise giants of finance and industry and they will invest heavily in the other nations of Africa. Men from Nigera shall begin to dominate teh affairs of much of the western African continent. Even as men here reign over the affairs of men….MY spirit shall begin to reign over the radio and television airwaves. I’m raising up not only prophets to the land but prophets from the land that shall go forth and bring the Word of the Lord to other nations. Where I once sent evangelist to this land … I will send evangelist from this land that will go forth and demonstrate my pour to the nations.

BENNY HINN BATTLE STICK PROPHECY – Apostle Demontae receives Prophetic Word from Notable International Prophet